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SmartRay Inc. specializes in energy efficient Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Decorative LED Lighting Solutions.

A premier lighting brand in Canada, SmartRay is one of the largest Christmas and seasonal lighting suppliers. Smartray is also an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for other leading seasonal lighting brands. SmartRay’s product development team designs exclusively market-driven and cost-effective LED lights. Patent protected products are one of the company’s greatest assets. SmartRay values innovation as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Visit our office in Markham to view our showroom or contact us for any inquiries or questions.

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Quality Products Start With A Quality Team

Nixon Chen
CEO & Founder

Nixon Chen is the founder and CEO of Smartray with a passion for urban lighting design and product development. Read More

Allen Middleton
Executive VP of Sales

Allen Middleton is a Senior Executive of Business Development and Sales with over 30 years industry experience. Read More

John Liu
Engineering Development

John Liu is a LED lighting expert with knowledge and experience in LED lighting research, design, development, and product management. Read More

Stanley Zhao
Supply Chain Management

Stanley Zhao is SmartRay’s Director of Supply Chain Management. Read More

Yang Yang
Project Manager

Yang Yang has combined his knowledge of Nano Engineering and Electrical Engineering to design and examine LED chips. Read More

Nicole Leung
VP of Sales and Marketing

Nicole Leung’s strong commitment, positive work ethics and exceptional client service has made her the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Read More

Thomas Tsai
Account Manager

Thomas Tsai is the current Account Manager for SmartRay. He has more than 10 years of experience in the financial service industry. Read More


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